Turnkey Services from ZibaTurnkey is a term you may hear thrown around quite often as you search for the right provider for your construction project needs. This term refers to something that has been specially built or designed with the intent that it is ready for immediate use. Turnkey is most frequently used in this industry to describe a home that a contractor is hired to build on the client’s land so that it is ready for the customer to move in. When contractors work to build a “turnkey home” the frame and outside of the home is built and they will also work to finish the interior. Everything is completed and ready to be moved in down carpets, paint, and cabinets.

Ziba Design and Development Inc. can help you with your turnkey designs and construction projects. We can work with you from start to finish and help ensure that each and every aspect of your project is implemented exactly as you see fit. Contact us and talk with our expert team to see what we can do for you!