Japanese & Bonsai GardensBring a small piece of nature into your life with the gardens that were designed to fit into buys city life. Japanese style gardens are often known for their colors, water features, and the blend of nature and manmade structures. However, this style can also be brought down to scale and can be utilized in your own back yard. Select specific plants can give certain feelings and affects to your landscape and that is the focal point of this garden style.

Bonsai gardens are another great way to bring nature down to scale so it can be enjoyed in places where traditional gardening is not an option. Potted plants trimmed and grown in the traditional bonsai style can create a miniature potted garden or naturescape right on your own patio or balcony. Even in the middle of a bustling city you can still enjoy the touch of nature.

At Ziba Design and Development Inc. we know how important it is to have access to these elements and we can help you design a large Japanese garden in your back yard or help you come up with an idea for a small scale patio garden of bonsai pots. Whatever you want and whatever space limitations you may have, we can create something that is beautiful and truly unique!