Ziba Designs Zen GardensZen gardens have been around for centuries and were first popular in ancient China. The purpose of the Zen garden is to help a person relax and find peace, tranquility, and oneness with nature. Key features that are involved in Zen garden construction include:

  • Simplicity- many Zen gardens are made from rocks and sand and very few actual plants.
  • Oneness- all the items in the garden are connected and flow in a special way.
  • Asymmetry- there is no true perfection in the world and a Zen garden reflects this with a natural look.
  • Senses- the senses are highly involved in this garden style, especially touch, sigh, and smell.
  • Tranquility- these gardens are meant to be sat in and enjoyed so there is no need for a lot to see or do.
  • Nature- ultimately, whatever design the garden has it’s influenced by nature’s forces over time, and that’s ok.

The Ziba team has years of experience with Zen garden design and installation. Enjoy a piece of tranquility in your own back yard or in an outdoor break area at work. Find a spot that can be your secret getaway from the rest of the world!